Ledger of record

The most interesting idea/thought of my day goes to this thread by Balaji Srinivasan.

I need to really spend some time studying this, thinking about it, and seeing what work is being done to achieve this. Since the advent of bitcoin, I’ve been thinking about how the content we see online can be verified cryptographically and attributed to a person, and how truth / facts can be established. The vast majority of major media outlets in the US make us all dumber. There is very little consideration for objectivity, scientific thought, fact checking, and truth for that matter. It’s not only a shame, but extremely dangerous, especially now that “news” is used to propagate dangerous lies, misinformation, and actually create civil unrest, whether it be the escalation of the violence between protestors and the police or other federal agencies, or the idea that the coronavirus is a hoax, etc.

It is deeply saddening to see people 100% believe some things that the media tells them that are not true. While it’s tempting to make fun of these people or take pride in being better informed and call it a day, but it is so much more important thing is to focus on potential solutions to the problem because we can’t just change people’s beliefs over night to solve our problems.

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