Writing is useful

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I figured starting a new blog would be a start to write down my thoughts more, which have lately been super unorganized and all over the place, especially now that I have a little one to take care of! Writing is useful. It helps one focus, clarify, organize and even prioritize thoughts and ideas.

What are some thoughts that I’ve been having? I feel less productive than usual, and that’s fine given I have a baby to take care of. But my concern is that even if I didn’t, I would still feel “unproductive” and lazy. Covid-19 doesn’t help, as it keeps me indoors a lot more in my small home, where it gets very warm and there’s no AC. If only the AC guy I found on Yelp would submit the documents to the HOA so I could get a mini split installed.

I don’t want to just kill time. I want to make good use of it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s caring for my daughter, learning new things, reading books, writing, programming, or creating things, I just want to make good use of time and not have regrets.

Netflix does not help this situation. The last show I watched was Halt and Catch Fire. My spouse and I were hooked and finished it in about four or five days! At least it was somewhat educational or relevant to technology, the history of computing and the Internet. The transformations of various characters was also interesting.

SPOILER ALERT. Donna went from a busy working mom to a successful partner at a VC firm. Gordon went from a bored employee burned by a past failure in entrepreneurship to having multiple successful exits. Joe shed his unwavering salesman / Steve Jobs like visionary mentality to a softer, more thoughtful and caring human being. Cam went from a stubborn, fiery, my way or the highway genius coder to, well, mostly the same but more mature and less temperamental.

Watching the show made me think (not very deeply) about whether I wanted to do something as cool as any of these characters did, whether it’s starting my own company (something I’ve always wanted to do), being a VC (I don’t think I’m the type), or just working harder to become a better programmer (the most realistic option).

I’d love to read more books on programming, learn to code in more languages, think deeply and learn about new tech especially around cryptocurrencies, learn more about management (and do it). These are all great, but one can only spend so much time on these things while juggling actual work, taking care of a baby and loving my spouse. Not to mention the time I spend on Youtube, Twitter, managing stocks and investments, reading investment newsletters, and distracted by so many interesting content I find on Hacker News, Twitter, and Reddit. Oh and checking the Wall Street Journal a couple times of day, and, Am I so predictable? Is this all I amount to? A news and content addict? Sad.

Perhaps the solution is to not just read something interesting, but to actually apply it and create something with what I’ve learned.

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